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Top TenScariest Movies of All Time

For horror fans, a list containing the best horror movies ever made is something that is indispensable Entertainment. These films are something that if you have not already seen, you will want to go out and buy a copy to watch, and even if you have already seen it, many of these movies are timeless.

Below is a list, beginning with the earliest examples, and moving towards thepresent day.

Some of these films will be famous, and you might have heard of them, but maybe you have not seen them. Many people think that because a movie is old, it might not be scary. However, this simply is not the case.

First vampire film

The very first horror films are also ranked as the finest examples of the genre. The first vampirefilm was not as many people think, the Bela Lugosi version. It was the German version Nosferatu. This still stands as an example of perhaps the best vampire genre films ever made.

Undoubtedly the classic horror films in the United States begin with Universal Studios. These films include the classic monsters that everyone remembers Entertainment.

There are three films in this section:

  • Frankenstein,
  • Dracula
  • The Mummy

Mary Shelly based Frankenstein on the book.

It is a classic example of a man made amonster run awry. It is considered not only a great monster movie, but also one of the best films every made. It stars Boris Karloff who is one of the classic stars of Universal Horror films. The atmosphere of this film along with the story makes it stand the test of time.


The version with Bela Lugosi has become the standard for all those who love vampires. The entire Transylvania atmosphere and the distinct portrayal of the Count as a stylish and suave person have created the archetype.

The Mummy

The Mummy starring Boris Karloff is the third in the three most famous monster films ever made. The setting and the surroundings are the ancient ruins of Egypt and the Mummy that was portrayed by Karloff. All of cinematic Mummy’s since then have been portrayed in much the same manner. The entire framework and story line have originated with this original one.

The Exorcist

When The Exorcist came out in theatres, people were astonished. People begin to faint in the theatres. The film concerned the possession of a young girl in a Georgetown neighbourhood. Actual priests were brought in to consult, and the authority was considered beyond anything ever captured on film. Many cast members believed that so powerful was the film that it still haunted them for years to come.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is considered the first and perhaps still the best slasher film ever made. It is the birth of the modern monster film. Before the arrival of Texas Chainsaw, the horror films were mostly suspense and tame in comparison to what we have entertainment today. Chainsaw Massacre was different. It was made low budget and stared unknowns. However, it is thought to be perhaps the most realistic and frightening film ever made. The film is about a group of teenagers who pick up a hitchhiker and get waylaid at a house filled with maniacs.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Wes Cravens wrote A Nightmare On Elm Street after reading about a series of young people who died in their sleep after saying a demon was chasing them. They had tried to stay awake for days, but eventual fell asleep and died. Craven then wrote the film and used these stories to form the basis for the most popular film monster of the last twenty years, Freddy Kruger. Freddy entered dreams and attacked the children of the adults who had burned him to death.

While there were many sequels, the original still stands as perhaps one of the top horror movies of all time entertainment

Luxurious Cars

The Most Luxurious Cars in the World

Who wouldn’t love to buy the most expensive car in the world? It doesn’t matter if you’re a car enthusiast or just someone who wants to get from point A to B, you will love to drive in style. In all honesty, your car can say so much about you in general and not just about what you can afford!

You can find the more expensive cars are able to offer luxury behind belief and they can allow you to ride in style and a lot of comfort too. What’s more, they are often some of the best crafted cars available and that is very important. Read on and find out some of the most luxurious cars in the entire world available today!

The Rolls-Royce

Most people will have heard the name Rolls-Royce and it is truly one of the very best manufacturers in the world. Cars made by RR really are full of luxury, comfort and a lot of lovely style, too. The Rolls-Royce Phantom is truly one of the most beautiful cars ever made and it will make all the top ten lists in terms of wanted cars and beauty! It can be a very costly model and while it has been around for a few years now, it’s still quite popular.

Owners are getting a massive four hundred and fifty three horsepower 6.8 liter V12 engine; and this has been made by BMW. However, the engine reaches sixty MPH within seconds, just over five to be exact and has a beautiful built-in sound system and television.


Mercedes is another big name and they really are well known for created beautiful and masterful cars. Mercedes are some of the most luxurious cars in the world and their S600 is truly a beautiful car to get your hands on. The S600 is a high quality vehicle and the luxury that comes with this is fantastic!

There is a lovely twelve cylinder 5.5 liter engine and you can reach sixty MPH within seven seconds. It may not be as costly as the Rolls-Royce Phantom but it still offers just as much quality. There is the DVD built-in and television too. You will adore this truly as it offers so much for so little.

The Maybach

Another great luxurious car to consider must be the Maybach. Now, this may not be a name well-known throughout the world and yet it truly does offer so much quality. This vehicle is more of a chauffeur driven car so it does make it extremely popular with big-time stars in Hollywood and globally. The Maybach comes with a massive V12 5.5 liter, Mercedes-Benz engine which is also twin-turbocharged! It may not be classically beautiful but it offers a lot of comfort for passengers so that is the main idea really! This will be on the top ten lists when it comes to luxurious cars and it’s not hard to see why.

Luxurious Cars

The Bentley

Who doesn’t know the name Bentley? It is certainly one of the world’s most recognized names and it’s a delicate car manufacturer that always offers brilliance. This has to be one of the most luxurious cars in the world and the Continental is a beautiful and very skillful vehicle. The Continental can run along with the best of them and it’s very powerful indeed. The car can reach up to one hundred and ninety miles per hour and it comes with a forty eight value 6.0 liter engine too. Visit related information on this post.

Beauty Comes In a Small Package

Luxury is often difficult to come by in terms of vehicles. There isn’t many that offers both safety and comfort but the cars above do. What’s more, luxury doesn’t have to come in a massive package that stretches twenty feet in length! It can be a small and very beautifully proportioned vehicle and still offer quality, comfort, style and beauty! The most luxurious cars in the world can all offer something so unique and refined.

Fastest Car in the World

Get In the Fast Lane with the Fastest Car in the World

Scouring the top ten lists in search for the very best and fastest car can be very tiresome work as there are so many to choose from. However, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on one of the world’s fastest vehicles? It doesn’t matter whether you are a serious driver or someone who owns a car you’re going to want to find a beautiful car.

Reaching speeds of up to sixty miles per hour within a matter of seconds can be amazing and, with the right car, you can reach those speeds and beyond.

Does The Most Expensive Car In The World Offer Fast Speeds?

For many drivers they want to find the very best vehicles but buyers are a little concerned that they are spending too much money and not getting anything in return. So, if you opt for an expensive car, does that mean you will get top speeds? Well, it really comes down to the type of car you buy.

If you shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars then it should be on the top quality car models that offer quick speeds. Search the top ten lists and find a car that comes with some of the fastest speeds available. This will certainly get you in the fast lane and you have a variety of amazing and very expensive cars to choose from too. check her latest blog posted at

The Ferrari Enzo – One of the Fastest Cars in the World

If you’re looking at the top ten lists when it comes to finding fast cars then you might want to consider the Ferrari Enzo. This is truly a lovely vehicle and one that stands out for the very best! With the Ferrari Enzo you are going to get a big V12 engine and it can reach over two hundred miles per hour within seconds! You can reach sixty miles per hour in just over three seconds so reaching max speed shouldn’t be too difficult. This comes with a beautiful look and the style comes in abundance.

Fastest Car in the World

Made For Speed

Let’s be honest, some of the more inexpensive cars can offer great speeds. A lot of people think that if they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a car it’s the only way to get a fast car. However, that isn’t always the case. You can get fast cars for less and it’s truly an amazing thing. Of course, when it comes to cars, it will be a personal choice thing as some prefer one type of car over another.

It doesn’t matter what sort of car you buy, you can reasonable speeds. Cars which are designed for speed will of course offer the fastest speeds around and they are built for speed rather than being energy-efficient or just for basic shopping trips. Buying the most expensive car in the world can be a great way to find the fastest cars.

Take a Trip in the Fast Lane

When you take a drive in your car, do you want to get from A to B in comfort, style and in one piece? Or, do you want to take forever to get there? Well, it certainly should be the first choice as safety and comfort is what every driver wants. Does that mean to say the fastest cars can’t be suitable? Anyone can use the fastest cars and get a beautiful vehicle that gets you around safely. Buying the most expensive car in the world can make your dreams come true.


Bugatti Veyron – Most Expensive Car in the World

If you look at the top ten lists when it comes to the best vehicles or the most expensive ones, you are sure to find the Bugatti! The Bugatti Veyron is a quality car and it’s also the most expensive vehicle in the world today. You might in fact be interested in what the car has to offer so, what do you get with a Bugatti Veyron? Read on and find out more.

The Veyron and All It Has To Offer

The Bugatti Veyron is truly the most expensive car in the world and it has been very well crafted by top car manufacturers. Vehicles don’t get any better than this and every bit of quality has been put into this fresh design. The Veyron costs more than one million dollars and it’s really leading the market in terms of quality. There are others cars that come close to this in terms of cost, but the Bugatti Veyron stands shoulders above the rest. It can reach over two hundred and fifty miles per hour and comes with a one thousand and one horsepower engine. The Bugatti Company has been around since 1901 and the company is still going strong.

Should You Buy The Bugatti?

Let’s be totally honest; Bugatti is a big name and a well-respected brand. This is a manufacturer that has been around for a little while now and has constantly delivered on high quality and high performance cars. They are not only reliable but extremely beautiful and highly desirable vehicles. Visit for more details.

Does that mean you should be buying one of these cars? Well, if you have the money to spend and you really like the idea of these cars then why not?! You are going to get a beautiful car and a reliable one too. This is the most expensive car in the world by far and it really is going to be one that stands out too. It’s a lovely car, however, and there is a lot of quality for what’s being asked.


Quality in a Beautiful Package

When it comes to the Bugatti Veyron, there are going to be a lot of people who will say the cost for this is over the top and unrealistic. In a sense, it’s quite expensive and while most will dislike the cost, they will buy it time and time again. Right now, Bugatti is a very popular brand and there are many who are actually buying these cars as well. They are really amazing vehicles and offer so much too in such a small package. You will certainly find this on top ten lists.

Only Buy the Best

If you’re considering buying a new vehicle, you might want to give Bugatti a thought. Now, putting the cost to one side, you are actually getting a stunning vehicle with the Veyron and it’s quite impressive to say the least. This isn’t a car that will likely let you down and it has a smart design that really leaves a lasting impression. Buying the most expensive car in the world might be the ideal choice for your next vehicle.