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Reward Yourself for a Job Well Done!

I don’t care what anybody says, life is hard and there are too many errands to complete in too little time! There, I said it! And I feel good for it!

Also, this mentality helps me to justify all of the small little treats that I give myself throughout the day as I complete the errands on my to-do list. They aren’t expensive or lavish, just niceties to keep me motivated during the day.

If you are looking for some small treats to reward yourself for a productive day, below is a great list.

Blow out Your Hair!

The best part of a haircut is when the hairdresser takes to your locks with a professional grade hair dryer and an expert technique. It’s a service which you simply can’t replicate at home. And while you may be used to only experiencing this at the end of a full hairstyle of color, this is actually a treatment which you can book separately. This means that you can make a quick stop during the day to freshen up your look without taking time away from your chores.

Shop Online!

If you aren’t shopping on the Groupon Coupons page for American Apparel while you wait for the assistant to pack your order or you wait in line for your dry cleaning then you are missing out on valuable shopping time!

Give yourself a rule: If you are waiting in a line for longer than two minutes then you are allowed to buy yourself a small treat. Whether it’s an ice cream in the afternoon or, like mentioned above, a full out shopping spree, be sure to collect your reward for waiting!


Did you know that a professional massage can relieve you of your daily stress in as little as 30 minutes? A quick 30-minute neck and shoulder massage between errands is a great way to perk yourself up and give yourself a breath of new life as you continue to take on your daily activities.

hair dryerIf you have found the time, be sure to include a foot massage also. After all, striding around on those pumps all day as you take on the world can cause pain and discomfort!

Express Manicure

Everybody loves to have their nails done, but not everybody has the time. Or do they? While a full manicure can take around 45 minutes, an express manicure can get your nails looking fresh and alive again in as little as 15 minutes.

So, if you find yourself 15 minutes early to your next appointment and you can see a beauty salon around, don’t be afraid to make the most of your time and get yourself an express manicure.

Just because they treats are small doesn’t mean that they can’t-do wonders for how you feel and keep you feeling great throughout the day. Of course, it’s also important to remember that you don’t necessarily have to complete errands to reward yourself, you’re a great person, so great yourself anyway!

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